All About Fiber Optic Cleaning and Fiber Optic Inspection MTP Inspection MT Inspection Array Inspection MTP Interferometry MT Interferometry Westover CleanBlast, Westover FiberChek2, USConec IBC Brand Cleaner, Nanometer Polisher, Norland Multi Fiber Interferometer.
All About Fiber Optic Inspection and Fiber Optic Cleaning Westover CleanBlast Westover Fiberchek2 Norland Interferometers Nanometer Polishers Fiber optic cleaning fiber optic inspection panda fiber mtp fiber mt fiber sc fiber lc fiber st fiber
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Touchscreen Technology
With the ACP24 you can now
automate polishing times,
pressure, & motor speeds for
each step.  
Auto Stub Removal
Fiber Optic Polishers Up to 96
connectors at a time Patented
Figure 8 Polisher. ALL
Polishing Applications.  Custom
Plates  Bare Fiber,  APC/PC  
Single-mode & Multi-mode
MCP 12/24/48/60/92 Polisher
Easy to use.
High yields.
NORLAND PRODUCTS  Interferometers,
World's Fastest Multi-Fiber Interferometer (9< seconds).    
AUTO Calibration with NIST STANDARDS (indisputable)
Norland Products has developed the new AIM 2020 –  
Automated Interferometric Microscope. This system is
designed as the ultimate tool for analyzing the end face
polish of multifiber connectors (under 10 sec @ 12
Fiber).  In addition, with a touch of the mouse button and
changing a mount, it can map the surface of a single
fiber connectors even quicker.  Since it has an automatic
8 deg tilt stage the
same mounts are used for PC and
Auto Calibration NIST Standards  CC6000 the
lowest cost high quality
, automated, non-contact
Interferometer for measuring  SC, FC, ST, LC,  PC/APC
Single Fiber cc6000  
You cannot beat this QUALITY and
 A Scope Centroc Measuring Fiber
Concentricity.  Centroc measuring Fiber Eccentricity.  A
Scope for Connector Tuning.  A Scope for Cleave Chek.
(HOT)   Fiber Optic Cleaving and Fiber Optic Splicing.  
Mounts   Just Ask ?  
OUR Competitors cannot support
NIST Traceability!  
Our Products ..USConec,Nanometer, Norland,
All About Norland Norland cc6000 and AIM 2020 MTP/PC/APC AUTO Calibrate Interferometer Concentricity & Eccentricity Tools too
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Afis Sr. & Afis Jr. Plus MTP MT Fiber Automated PASS/FAIL Inspection
All About Fiber Optic Inspection, Fiber Optic Cleaning, Multi-Fiber Interferometers, Fiber Optic
Polishing, MTP Interferometers, MTP Inspection, MT Inspection, MPO Inspection, MT Interferometer,
Automated Pass/Fail Inspection MTP and MT, Eccentricity, Concentricity, Tuning,  Fiber Optic Probes,
Fiber Optic Scopes, Fiber Optic Arrays, Fiber Eccentricity, Fiber Optic Tuning & Fiber Concentricity Lemo
Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools, SMPTE 304m Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool, LEMO Connectors
All About Fiber Optic Cleaners IBC Brand Cleaners, NEOCLEAN Cleaners, OptiPop Cleaners
All About USConec Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools, USConec IBC Brand Cleaner, NEOCLEAN Cleaner, OptiPop Cleaner
USConec IBC Brand Cleaners, USConec OPTIPOP
Cleaning Tools. USConec NEOCLEAN Cleaning Tools.  
Dry Stick Cleaning Tools. US Conec IBC™ Brand
Cleaning Tools are designed to clean effectively at
removing oil and dust.  Male (Patchcord) Female &
(Bulkhead) functionality. Single or multi-fiber  
1.6mm, 2.0mm
M250 H125 ODC M20 LC Duplex $$$
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Fiber Optic Inspection Automated Pass/Fail MTP Inspection
Automated Pass/Fail Inspection direct from the
Polishing Machine
FAST MTP/MPO Auto Inspection
72 < seconds MTP/MPO
 Robust Data Reports 800x
Magnification Bench Top Scope compatible with
most Westover JDSU Probes and Nanometer probes.
Afis Automated PASS/FAIL Polishing Inspection
ACP24 Automated Connector Polisher
EagleInspect (pass/fail software)
Bench Fiber Scope. Robust Data Reports.
IEC & Telecordia Profiles. Easy Focus
Score Detailed Pass/Fail Software Results.
Compatible with most Westover/JDSU
Probes for "bulkhead" inspection &
Nanometer Probes.  Windows 7 or XP.
Mounts for most Fiber Connectors.
800 Magnification
Fiber Optic Cleaners
Fiber Optic Inspection